The Solresol Pages

Last Updated: 5.4.2006
Welcome to the Solresol Pages!
For a month or so now, I've been collecting little pieces of information on one of the worlds least-known languages, Solresol.

For those of you who don't know, Solresol is a language created by French Musician, Francois Sudre, in the early 19th centuary, and consists of 7 syllables, and more than 10,000 Words.
The most unique feature of this language, however is its ability to be transformed into various formats - from musical notes, to numbers, all of it is possible.

Throughout these pages, I hope to present a list of resources I've found useful to you, so that perhaps, you to can enjoy Solresol. I've also set up a simple forum for dicussing Solresol, although I doubt it will grow very large.

Resources and Links

Below, I shall begin to list some of the sites I've found interesting: - Wikipedia Entry, links to other sites. - Definatly an essential site. I recomend everyone intersted in Solresol takes a look at the site. Has a Grammer Textbook, English-Sorso, Solresol-English and French_Solresol Dictionaries. Quite old.